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These pages contain drawings from the present day down to 2003. The older mistake-laden scrawlings are kept up for referencing purposes. Most of the pictures load to my DeviantArt gallery which is updated more often. Hotlinking, ripping, or altering is not permitted. If you want to use my art somewhere, ask first.

Note: new pictures have a red frame.

Mythology and Original Works

z_set (1K) z_varangian (1K) z_bythefire (1K)

dd_kalevamen (2K) dd_shrooms (1K) dd_lemminkainen (1K) dd_ikutiera (2K) dd_loki (2K) bb_tuonenlapset (1K) bb_metsahiisi (1K) aaa_finnviking (1K)

Old Crap

f_tuonetar (1K)

gg_cry (1K) e_storytime (1K) b_wigreaper (1K) b_gone (1K) b_deathblooms (1K) a_refletion (1K) a_hands (1K)

raven (1K) tapio (1K) withering (1K) ej (1K) cartoonej (1K) sammonvala (1K) vainamoinens_curse (1K) rain (1K)

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