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A hill fort stood on the summit of the Kajamonvuori cliff in the late Iron/Viking age (1000-1100 AD) and brought protection to the surrounding villages in a tumultous time when crusaders and raiders sailing across the various parts of the Baltic Sea frequented more and more often the shores of Finland. As a relic, a collapsed stonewall some tens of meters long fringes the southeastern edge of the hill. There is possibly a secondary, more massive wall right beneath it on a level that might have been only slightly above the waterline a thousand years back.

This hill fort has assumingly not been studied much, as even the local signboard manifests that it remains unknown whether the fort was ever actually used. If it was inhabited, there's a wide crack running across the breadth of the hill that would have provided accumulated rainwater for drinking. There are furthermore a couple of circular holes cut into the ground or rock which might indicate old firepits. If the enemy attacked in the wintertime, it was possible to freeze the hillsides to hamper its advancing.

Nowadays the hill is a nature reserve which provides some beautiful nature and interesting rock formations. Climbers favor the steepmost slope that is nigh-on vertical.


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