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Ala-Satakunta, the surroundings of Eura, has only one officially known hill fort, that of Kauttua. It is small for a Finnish defense fort, and was built on a cliff with one steep edge that was left unfortified while a stonewall about 58m long and two meters broad heaped up from rocks and gravel circle the other slopes. A higher, wooden barrier was likely erected on top of this, as has been traditional with other hill forts. Just outside the wall, in the southeast, lie an amount of boulders which may be the remains of a larger defense structure.

Archeological excavations have been performed on the site trice. The findings agree that the fort has been in frequent use on the Merovingian era, c. 700--800 AD. Discovered objects include a broken knife, some pieces of pottery, burnt bones, and over 17kg of iron ore slag.

The September we visited the hill fort was exceptionally warm. I was only beginning to learn to use my first digicam in outside conditions.

Below: a sketch of the hill fort's structure. Picture from the info table, (c) Museovirasto.

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References / Lähteet:

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A local infotable set up by Museovirasto

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