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Even though demolished and plundered eons agone, the (likely) bronze-age (c. 3500-2500 years old) barrow atop the Kivilänmäki hill is amongst the more intriguing tumuli I have seen. This is due to the burial chambers whose outlines have still been preserved in the middle, and the likes of which I haven't so far met in what one might call 'plain daylight'. Contemporary barrows with their cairn still standing intact obviously contain similar structures within.

Judging by the preserved foundation, the burial monument had originally a rectangular shape. Its size is a bit difficult to estimate, as its stones have been scattered on an area 20-30m in diameter. The surrounding rocks of course may have belonged to a cairn piled on top of the rectangular structure. Anyhow, right in the middle of this lie two chambers, out of which the second is a narrower anteroom. It is connected to the main sepulcher, which is about a meter wide and two long, with a low threshold. The previous is perhaps two thirds of the latter's size. Regarding the dimensions, it would seem this tomb was built for one person only.

Below can be seen an approximate sketch of the structures. I couldn't find information anywhere on this particular relic, so all the material here is mine.

kivilanmaki_chambers (59K)


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