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The two iron/Viking-age burial mounds of Komonen and possibly an adjoining settlement are situated in the middle of a beautiful, meadowy countryside landscape by the Aurajoki river. The site, as such, belongs to a large area full of prehistoric relics stretching from Turku to Lieto and Kaarina. Regarding size, the mounds are parallel to those of noblemen and kings buried elsewhere in the Nordic countries, so assumingly people relevant to such a status were laid down within. They may also be family graveyards. However, it is interesting to note that each mound has its own stone altar with fairly large 'cups' for offerings, and a few hundred meters off there is another cremational gravesite from the same era with no remarkable superterranean remains, save a couple of sacrificial stones. Hence it is to wonder whether these mounds were devoted to single persons only (or their families of nobler status).


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