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Nakolinnanmäki is a prehistoric hill fort with a broad stonewall built to circulate the crest of the cliff. There isn't publicly available information of almost any kind about the age or excavations of Nakolinnanmäki, but you can read about the general structure of hill forts in my depictions of other corresponding places. My estimation is that the defense wall is about 100m long and two to three meters broad in places, although it has evidently collapsed during the centuries and has originally looked different.

The only source where I managed to read a line or two about Nakolinna was issue #3 of Arkeologia nyt! from 2005. The person that had visited Nakolinna was of the opinion that the wall appeared as if it might have been formed merely by nature. Does it truly require the eye of an engineer to figure out that 100m of more or less equal-sized rocks arranged into an almost straight line has to be the work of a human hand? It is to wonder about the amounts of prehistoric material lost if persons working with actual archeological projects have a tendency to belittle even constructions this large.


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