Keldor front

Custom Figures: Keldor

Now you probably ask 'what the heck' with lots of question marks and exclamation points in the end of your interjection indicating your utter confusion.

Yup, a pathetic nerd as I am, I collect action figures. After seeing a few spiffy customs at He-Man.Org, I thought why not to try make my own just for fun. Being a pitiful squeeing Keldor fan and without the moola to buy the original Comic Con Keldor, that was the obvious choice.

This is up merely as a humor issue. I wasn't originally going to dedicate a whole page for my concoction, but one of my friends insisted on making this. XD Ok, I admit this is pretty ridiculous, but whatever. I still keep the blue fella standing on top of my display.

I have no previous experience whatsoever in custom figure making, so this was one of those 'go to heck or high water' -projects. Everything is based on repainting and a bit of clipping with scissors, since I can't do any of that fancy plastic molding stuff.

Keldor side

Work Process

I used the standard purple-clad Skeletor as the base. One poor Ice Armor He-Man suffered a terrible fate by being beheaded with the aid of hot water, screwdriver wedge, and tableknife. Now I have a headless He-Zombie in the sock drawer waiting for the day of living dead action figures. Maybe I'll use it later for some other project.

I loved the rough black ink wash in the CC Keldor, so I tried to mimic it till a certain degree. I also repainted the armor and weapons with black and silver ink wash and brought out some of the details with metal-effect paints. Unfortunately the sordid digicam pictures won't much give out the metallic shimmer of the outfit.

The head was the trickiest thing. Had to go through several stores to find a little can of blue plastic-attaching paint that was anywhere near the guy's skin tone, and even then I had to mix it up quite a bit. After five or so paint layers He-Man's rosy complexion was gone. The hair turned out to look distinctly like an old mop. But that's what you end up with when you attempt to turn He-Man's flyaway shrubbery into a sleek vain Dark Lord coiffure just with the help of scissors. XP Ah well, it could've been worse.

This was a fun project nonetheless. Took about week to complete. I'm eager to make more customs in the future if I only can get some suitable materials.

Keldor back

I also made a black cape for him, but left it away while these shots were taken. As you can see, a campus dorm isn't your superior photo studio. The poor majestic evil overlord has to stand on a Nescafé cappucino jar with a sheet of copy paper behind him. XD

Thanks to Marianne for taking the photos.

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