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The Curse of Rha-kan'Ocka: Timeline Draft

AD -- After Duskfall
ED -- Ere Duskfall
ky ('kilo-years') -- 1000 years

A regular year consists of 11 months (there are exceptions to certain special years). The newyear coincides with midsummer.

c. 760ky ED Ygh'mir G'Uhageid is born.
c. 700ky ED Lhietd-Lhem'meeschz G'Uhageid is born.
c. 600ky ED King Lhietd-Lhem'meeschz dies; Y'Jough'avach Gha'ugomhiel takes the throne.
c. 580ky ED Vanhvha'gah G'Uhageid returns home from the outerworlds, dies after a few decades.
c. 42ky ED The Bane is born.
c. 11ky ED The G'Uhageids retreat into exile after a massive kinslaying, are believed to have fully perished.
The Dusk (year 0) The Bane begins his war against the Immortals, is defeated, and the Curse is cast upon Rha-kan'Ocka. The currently employed elvish chronology begins.
c. 6-10 AD The prophecy is recorded and partly lost. The G'Uhageids try to re-claim the forsaken throne, but are forced back to exile.
31467 AD Guarh G'Uhageid is born.
31502 AD Guarh's parents are killed. He remains the last of his kin upon the elvenland for millennia.
49864 AD Khran-Av'ees is born.
49885 AD Khran-Av'ees runs away from home, joins a band of vagrant highwaymen.
c. 50100 AD Khran-Av'ees returns home and mass-murders a large part of his clan for personal revenge. Starts slowly gathering fame due to his size and berserker-like fighting.
50530-50550 AD Guarh partly loses his eyesight, meets Y'Jhaidr Gha'ugonak, starts understanding the significance of his inheritance.
51397 AD Guarh marries Ghirn'ubim-Ach.
52318 AD Gheldahsch'ugh-Ach is born.
53036 AD Aaschgh'rd is born.
c. 66200 AD Khran-Av'ees begins his conquering of Rha-kan'Ocka from the southlands, and during the following centuries advances slowly towards the north through victories and defeats.
67359 AD (late summer - mid-autumn) Rha-ghi'Leh falls, Lord Khran-Av'ees takes control over most of the elvenland. The archeologists in the other universe arrive to explore at Sheliak. Hiid falls into the broken transdimensional gate.
67363 AD (8th month, early spring) The expedition in the Vale of Kingsbarrows. Hiid is pestered by Lhietd. Khran-Av'ees and his wrong-gone spells cause a significant loss for the G'Uhageids. The Burials.
(9th month) Khran-Av'ees journeys back to Rha-ghi'Leh. Aaschgh'rd apologies Hiid.
67364 AD (1st month) Thurgh'i's inheritance-age (10000) celebrations.
(3th month, early autumn) Lord Khran-Av'ees's 17500th nameday.